Our Mission

Hello, my name is Jared and I’m the founder of Feel Good Live Free.

For years I struggled with chronic pain and just wanted relief… I didn't want to numb my pains with drugs that are not good for my health. And I couldn’t find a store with all the best products on one single website. After years of research, I eventually found them.

We are honored to bring the best products to you guys to help you feel good and live free. I just want you all to experience the relief that I have and be able to fully enjoy your life with your loved ones.

To your healing & good health,


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What our lovely customers are saying 🧡

  • Laura

    I'm someone who has dealt with chronic illness and pain for years. I can tell you wholeheartedly that the products I've purchased from these guys, have given me the relief I've been looking for. Now I have hope and excitment for the future, as I'll be continuing to use their products along my healing journey.

  • Mr. Jackson

    For years my wife has dealt with lower back pain (sciatica.) It's been very difficult to see her suffer. I had enough and started searching online one day and found Feel Good Live Free. I can honestly tell you that she's tried many things, but not found relief like she has from their products. I am very thankful.

  • Henry

    I used to feel absolutely helpless when I would get a migraine headache. I could never find the relief I was looking for. I got tired of taking drugs that were not good for me. I began to search for answers and found the migraine cap on Feel Good Live Free's website and it brings SO much releif. I now have hope.

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