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Dealing with pain or muscle tension?

We know that dealing with pain, tense muscles or soreness can make your day to day life a struggle. So..

It's time to get some relief :)

Say hello to your new best friend. No really! We are kind of obsessed. Maybe you are feeling tense after a long day at work or school.. Or you had an intense workout that you are regretting now.. Or you simply want to zen out and put your body in the parasympathetic state. This is the state that allows your body to heal and recover. Well..

We've got you taken care of!

 No matter the reason for it, we think this little guy can help you out.


How it can help you

✅ Relieves stress and relaxes the body

This massage gun releases tension and fluid deep in the muscles to increase tissue metabolism.

✅ Induces Parasympathetic state

This is the state where all the good stuff happens such as healing, recovery and muscle repair/growth.

✅ Increases blood and lymphatic circulation

This allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscle tissues and the surrounding areas.

✅ Releases lactic acid build up 

This can be caused by various things, but often a result of intense exercise.

✅ Breaks up scar tissue

This is done by deeply massaging the collagen fibers to alleviate pain and relieve constriction.

✅ Improves range of motion (flexibility)

This massage gun can be used to completely relax certain areas. This creates more flexible joints and reduces the risk of strains / sprains.

✅ Encourages healing of atrophied muscles

This is basically done by "waking up" the muscles to allow faster healing and higher cellular production.

✅ Improves wellness and mental health

This massage gun can improve sleep, immunity and reduce anxiety.


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