Knee Support Sleeve
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Knee stiffness, pain, or discomfort

Wether it's overuse, sprains, cartilage tears, arthritis, tendonitis, stiffness, swelling, stabbing pains, discomfort or soreness in your knee - We know that any of these can truly affect your daily activities and life. Making the activities that you need to do or love to do more challenging than they should be. So..


We've got you covered, literally 😉

The Feel Good Live Free Knee Sleeve helps reduce knee strain, knee pain, and discomfort without restricting your range of motion. Our Knee Sleeve provides calming compression and therapeutic healing from the second you put it on.


Use it anytime, anywhere

Wether it's at work, at the gym, on a walk, around the house or sleeping - Our knee sleeve can be used anytime and anywhere to give you the support and all-day relief that you are looking for.


✅ Instant and Easy Relief

Use it anywhere and anytime you need whether you're awake or sleeping.

✅ Natural Support 

Natural relief for improved strength, motion and injury prevention.

  ✅ Calming Compression 

This improves blood circulation, healing and muscle fatigue in minutes.

 Conditions it helps you with

✔️ General Knee Pain
✔️ Osgood Schlatter
✔️ Patellar Tendonitis
✔️ Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
✔️ Bursitis Knee
✔️ Knee Arthritis
✔️ Iliotibial Band Syndrome
✔️ Runners Knee
✔️ IT Band Syndrome & More!

It's time to enjoy lasting relief and do the things you love, pain-free 🧡




Recommended leg circumference 30-34cm, For body weights: 77-88lbs (35-40KG)
Dimensions: Top width 15cm, bottom width 13cm, length 27cm


Recommended leg circumference 35-41cm, For body weights: 88-132lbs (40-60KG)
Dimensions: Top width 16cm, bottom width 14cm, length 27cm


Recommended leg circumference 42-47cm, For body weights: 132-165lbs (60-75KG)
Dimensions: Top width 17cm, bottom width 15cm, length 27cm


Recommended leg circumference 48-55 cm, For body Weights: 165-209lbs (75-95KG)
Dimensions: Top width 18cm, bottom width 16cm, length 27cm


Recommended leg circumference 56-63cm, For body weights: 209-243lbs (95-110KG)
Dimensions: Top width 18.5cm, bottom width 16.5cm, length 29cm


Recommended leg circumference 63-70cm, For body weights: 243-280lbs (110-125KG)
Dimensions: Top width 19.5cm, bottom width 17.5cm, length 29cm


(See sizing illustration in product photos if you need a visual)



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