Professional Nail Clipper for Dogs
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BDJ Dog Nail Grinder


Taking care of your pet's nails has never been easier and more effective with our advanced dog nail grinder. This professional-grade tool is designed to be ultra-effective and safe, ensuring a painless and smooth claw care experience for your furry friend. With its diamond bit grinder and upgraded features, you can groom your pet's nails like a pro, right at home.

Advanced Diamond Bit Grinder for Smooth and Painless Grooming

Our dog nail grinder features an advanced diamond bit grinder that provides faster, more precise, and safer grinding compared to other grinders. The diamond bit grinder design ensures a painless and smooth grooming experience for your pet, making it easy to trim their nails without causing them any discomfort.

3-Speed Switch and 3 Grinding Ports for All Pet Sizes

The 3-speed switch and 3 grinding ports of our dog nail grinder make it versatile enough to accommodate all kinds of pets, from small to large. You can choose the appropriate speed and port according to your pet's nail size, ensuring a safe and effective grooming experience every time.

Upgraded Smart LCD and Built-in LED Lights for Enhanced Safety

Our dog nail grinder comes equipped with an upgraded smart LCD that displays the current mode and battery capacity for added convenience. The built-in 2 LED lights make it easy to see the location of your pet's quick, preventing over-grinding or cutting. This feature reduces the risk of hurting your pet or clipping their claws too short, ensuring a safe and gentle grooming experience.

Super Low Noise and Vibration for a Calm Grooming Experience

Our dog nail grinder is designed with a high-quality motor that ensures ultra-quiet operation in all 3 speed modes. With noise levels controlled to below 50dB and boosted torque, your pet will stay calm and relaxed throughout the grooming process. This feature makes it easier for you to groom your pet's nails without causing them any stress or anxiety.

Smart OS and Rechargeable Design for Added Convenience

Our dog nail grinder features a powerful and intelligent management system that extends its service life. The USB wire makes it easy to recharge the grinder using a laptop, AC adapter, or power bank, making it convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

In the Box

The package includes one pet nail grinder, one pet nail clipper, one pet nail file, one USB charging cable, one cleaning brush, and one user manual. With all these accessories, you'll have everything you need to groom your pet's nails safely and effectively.

Groom Your Pet's Nails Safely and Comfortably

Follow our simple steps for safe and comfortable grooming:

Step 1: Use the pet nail clippers to cut the sharp and too-long nails first.

Step 2: Turn on the grinder and accustom your pet to the sound and smell to avoid scaring it.

Step 3: Put the electric nail grinder around the 45 oblique angles and trim the nails carefully.

Step 4: Treat your pet after every progress and reward it with its favorite snacks.

Upgrade your pet grooming experience with our advanced dog nail grinder. Get yours today!




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