Pop up Changing Room Portable Shower Tent for Outdoor Indoor Camping & Hiking
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privacy tentLooking for a privacy solution while camping or hiking? Look no further than the AOSION-Privacy Camping Shower Tent. This versatile and durable pop-up tent can be used as a changing room, shower or outhouse, and is suitable for a variety of outdoor locations. Let's take a closer look at its key features and benefits.

Easy to Open and Fold:

The pop-up design of the AOSION-Privacy Camping Shower Tent makes it incredibly easy to use. No assembly required - simply pop it open and insert the 4 included nails to secure it to the ground. And when it's time to pack up and move on, it can be easily folded and concealed in its carry bag.

Beach Shower Room, Outdoor Filming Room, Camping Emergency Toilet:

The AOSION-Privacy Camping Shower Tent is a multifunctional outdoor changing tent that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you need a beach shower room, an outdoor filming room, or a camping emergency toilet, this tent has got you covered.

UPF 40 & Water-Proof Material:

Constructed from silver-plated waterproof coated fabric and a strong and flexible steel frame, this camping shower changing tent can block up to 80% of harmful ultraviolet rays. It will protect you from the sun's scorching rays while also keeping you dry in wet weather.

Privacy and Security:

Your privacy and security are paramount when using the AOSION-Privacy Camping Shower Tent. The tent features thicker coatings for enhanced privacy and includes 4 tent nails and pull cords to keep you safe and secure in harsh environments.

Extra Tall:

The AOSION-Privacy Camping Shower Tent is extra tall, measuring 74.8 inches high and 42.7 inches long and wide. This provides plenty of space for you to stretch out and move around freely inside. The tent also includes 3 openable windows for increased breathability, and a shower bag for added comfort when showering and changing.


In summary, the AOSION-Privacy Camping Shower Tent is a versatile and durable solution for your outdoor privacy needs. Its easy-to-use pop-up design, multifunctional use, and UPF 40 and water-proof material make it a great choice for camping trips or hiking to beaches, forests, deserts, and emergency shelters. And with its extra tall height and included shower bag, it offers comfort and convenience when you need it most.

So don't hesitate, order your AOSION-Privacy Camping Shower Tent today and start enjoying your outdoor adventures in comfort and privacy!

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