OASIS™ Ionic Shower Head
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Are you tired of lackluster showers that fail to provide the invigorating experience you crave? If so, an Ionic Shower Head could be the solution you're looking for! With its advanced technology and mineral ball filtration system, this shower head produces a high-pressure flow that penetrates deeply into your skin and hair, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

But that's not all - Ionic Shower Heads offer a range of additional benefits that make them a must-have for any home. The ionization process helps to remove impurities from the water, resulting in a cleaner, healthier shower experience. The smaller water clusters also help to increase hydration, leaving your skin and hair feeling soft and smooth.


  • Purifies: Contains mineral pearls that purify water through chelation, removing chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals, and bacteria
  • Enhances the experience: Ion filter enhances shower experience, making skin smoother and reducing oil production, and provides a massage sensation
  • Cost saving: Can help save water and money
  • Luxurious: Provides a spa-like experience
  • High pressure: Does not suffer from low shower pressure

High pressure shower head

Thank you to advanced technology, OASIS ™ raises water pressure by up to 200%, provides a massage sensation, and helps to relax the muscles.

Saves water and protects your bag

Saves up to 30% water. With OASIS ™, you can help the planet and your wallet thanks to the innovative micro nozzle technology that is supposed to save water with a double filter system without affecting the shower experience.

Better Cleansing

Your skin and hair will be more radiant thanks to the purifying water and the hydrodynamic massage that increases blood flow to the skin.
It also removes all kinds of soap and shampoo residues, and even dead skin cells, by increasing its applicability.

Improve your shower experience

OASIS ™ was developed to provide a daily SPA experience from the comfort of your home.

The three waterfall modes allow you to customize your shower to suit your needs, personalize your experience and enhance your shower experience.

Regain your vitality and do your best every morning!

Easy to install and use Forgetting

Easy to install without hours of installation and bathroom refurbishment, OASIS ™ can be installed in seconds and is compatible with standard hoses.


What's more, Ionic Shower Heads are an eco-friendly choice. By using less water and energy than traditional shower heads, they help reduce your impact on the environment while also saving you money on your water and energy bills.

So why settle for a sub-par shower experience when you could be enjoying the many benefits of an Ionic Shower Head? Upgrade your shower today and discover the transformative power of this innovative technology.


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