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No more cold lunches! The 2 in 1 electric lunch box is here to make your mealtime warm and comfortable. No need to stand in line waiting for a microwave or eat cold food anymore. The electric lunch box is a perfect solution to heat your meal at home/office or in your car/truck. This innovative lunch box is equipped with PTC original constant temperature heating technology that keeps your food at a suitable temperature and maintains the moisture of the food.

Package List

The electric lunch box comes with a list of accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy your hot meal. This includes 1 electric lunch box (1710.824cm), 1 insulated lunch carry bag, 1 plastic additional compartment, 1 leak-proof seal ring, 1 stainless steel spoon & fork, 1 304 stainless steel inner box, 1 dishcloth, 1 12V/24V power cord for cars/trucks, and 1 110V for home/office use. With a capacity of 1.5L, this lunch box has ample space for your food.

Heating Time

The electric lunch box is super efficient and energy-saving, and it normally takes only 30-50 minutes to warm your food. However, if the food is taken out of the fridge or in a low-temperature environment, the heating time should be extended appropriately. During plugging, the lunch box maintains constant heating between 60°C and 70°C, serving you a hot meal.

Leak Proofing

The electric lunch box has an improved cover design, and the cover won't move during use, providing a tightly covered container. Additionally, the leak-proof seal ring design has been added to improve the defect of food leakage. This helps prevent fluid leakage in sloshing car environments, ensuring your meal is mess-free and safe.

2 in 1 Car and Home Dual Use

The electric lunch box is designed for people who want to enjoy warm and fresh food while on-the-go. It comes with two different plugs - one for home/office (110V) and one for car/truck (12V/24V). Make sure to check the photo guide before use. Use the car cable on the right port, and the home cable on the left port. Don't mix them up! If you need any help, our 24-hour customer service is always available.

Easy to Clean

The electric lunch box is made of food-grade PP plastic and stainless steel, which is high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, and durable. The 304 stainless steel removable container and plastic additional compartment are both removable for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. We recommend not washing the lunch box as a whole into the water.

Sturdy Lunch Bag

The included insulated lunch carry bag is foldable, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to carry. The aluminum foil lining keeps your food fresh for hours, and it's non-toxic and safe for your food. Perfect for packing your foods and lunch containers, this lunch bag ensures that your meal stays fresh and hot.


The 2 in 1 electric lunch box is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy hot and fresh meals on-the-go. With its efficient heating technology, leak-proofing, easy-to-clean features, and dual-use option, you can now have warm and healthy meals anywhere, anytime. Order now and never go back to cold lunches again!


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