Digital Angle Finder with Electronic Laser
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This Digital Angle Finder with Electronic Laser - the ultimate tool for craftsmen, woodworkers, and DIY enthusiasts! This brilliant little cube is only L2.4in x W2.4in x H1.2in in size, making it incredibly portable and easy to carry around with you wherever you go. With its precise microprocessor, automatic inversion, and 4*90° measurement capabilities, this tool can be used at many angles and can be zeroed at any angle for comparison.

Craftsman's Choice

Not only is the baseboard of the Digital Angle Finder with Electronic Laser strong and sturdy, but it also comes with a strong magnetic upgrade on all four sides. This means that you never have to worry about it sliding on the table saw blade or any other metal surface. With the magnetic feature and lasers, this tool is a great advantage for measuring, cutting, and leveling in woodworking renovations and building furniture.

Save Time and Effort Hanging Decorations

The dual lasers on this Digital Angle Finder are a great helper for horizontal and symmetrical installation, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, this digital level box would make a great gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas.

Easy to Use and Durable

This inclinometer comes complete with a USB-C charging cable for the internal 340mAH rechargeable battery. With its dust-proof and IP67 waterproof performance and bright backlight, you can easily read the display, even in the garage with the door open and the sunshine pouring in.

Technical Parameters

Made of aluminum alloy, this Digital Angle Finder has a measuring range of 4*90°, a resolution of 0.05°, an accuracy of ±0.2°, and a repeatability of 0.1°. It runs on a 3.7V lithium battery and works in temperatures ranging from 14-122℉.

If you have any questions or need assistance with using this tool, feel free to contact us. Get your hands on the Digital Angle Finder with Electronic Laser today and take your woodworking and DIY projects to the next level!

Enjoy this digital angle finer that has a 4-Sided Strong Magnetic Angle Gauge, Cube Inclinometer with Backlight, Table Saw Miter Protractor, Woodworking Measuring Tool, Level Box for Hanging




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