CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector - 4-In-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor Portable CO2 Monitor
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Air Quality Monitor

Breathe easy with our 4-In-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor Portable CO2 Monitor, the ultimate tool for maintaining a healthy living environment.


Necessity of Air Quality Monitor

Did you know that carbon dioxide can be harmful to your health? When CO2 levels are high, it can affect your breathing and even be life-threatening. Our air quality monitor detects the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air and helps you keep your home, office, or any other indoor space safe for you and your family.


Advanced NDIR Technology

Our CO2 detector uses high precision NDIR sensor technology to detect carbon dioxide content accurately and quickly. With hazard assessment, when CO2 levels exceed the setting alarm value (alarm value: 1000 PPM), it will warn to remind people to open the window or turn on air purifier for keeping a balance of air.


Air Semiconductor Sensor

Our 4-in-1 air quality monitor adopts an intelligent air semiconductor sensor to test the temperature and humidity value of air. Compared to a common sensor, it is more sensitive, accurate, and stable.


Convenient for Carrying

The CO2 monitor is built-in with a 1600mAh battery, making it perfect for on-the-go use. It can be used continuously for about 8 hours after a full charge. So don't worry, take the CO2 meter anywhere you want to go.


Easy to Use

The CO2 detector needs automatic calibration each time you turn it on. Just put it in a ventilated place and wait 1-2 minutes for calibration. Once it's calibrated, the CO2 tester can be used normally.


Various Use

An air quality monitor is indispensable for any household. It helps to detect gas and air pollution in homes, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, schools, cars, hotels, travel, camping, parties, and more, ensuring you and your family are always protected under healthy air conditions.


Upgraded Indoor CO2 Detector

Our upgraded multifunctional air quality monitor is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the air quality around you. It can effectively measure CO2, temperature, and humidity, with a 400-5000 PPM range and 24-hour air monitoring. With independent NDIR sensor, the measurement is more sensitive and more accurate.


With a compact size and hollow back design for easy carrying and airflow, the colorful LCD digital screen makes it easy to identify and read. Keep your family safe and healthy with our 2023 upgraded indoor CO2 detector. Order yours today!


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